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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

We, Oby’s Farm (referred to in this policy as ‘Oby’s Farm’, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’) cares about your privacy. Even though we do not store any information on our own servers, our products may include third-party services that do record, collect, use and store information.

We would therefore like you to take a brief moment and review this privacy policy. Please be aware that by using any of our products you are in consent with the terms of this privacy policy.

2. What we use

Here is a complete list of third-party services that we currently may use:

  • Admob (advertising)
  • Crashlytics (analytics)
  • Facebook services (social features, analytics)

Please note that the collected data might be used and disclosed in accordance with the privacy policy of the company providing the service. Please review the sections below for more in-depth descriptions of how we use the services and examples of data that might be collected.

3. Advertisement

We may use advertising in our products. The advertisers may collect and store information such as cookies, location data and device information. This information may be used to serve content that is relevant to you.

4. Analytics

We may use analytics service providers in our products. The provider may record information such as usage activity, game progress and events that occur within the product.

We may also use providers that reports when our service fails to operate correctly. Such provider may record information such as the device type and OS version.

We use the information collected through analytical tools to improve our products and to get a better understanding of how they are used.

5. Social features

We may include features that let the user login to their social network account such as Facebook and share data such as scores, achievements with their friends.

6. Final words

Please note that this privacy policy may change at anytime and new versions will be effective as soon as they are published on obysfarm.com.

Please be sure to check it now and then for the latest updates.

For any questions regarding this privacy policy, please e-mail us at: support@obysfarm.com.

Last updated: 1 May 2016

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